Are you looking for healthy food and restaurants in Waikiki, Honolulu? 

Good thing! You’ve just googled upon my healthy food Waikiki guide for health-conscious eaters on vacation, right here [skip intro]. 2019 update!

I should have made free stickers for restaurants to display on their front windows– “Eyesandhour’s Healthy Eating Hawaii Guide– Certificate of Excellence “.

Next year, it’s happening. 😉

Each summer, I make a stopover in Hawaii on my way back to Japan from the other sunshine state, Wisconsin. Last visit, I created my first  Healthy Food Waikiki Guide.

Find last year’s guide here.

Between that guide and this one, I’ve sifted out through the surfboard-studded sands and tiki torch-speared pathways to find the places where I’d want to eat on vacation- not the typical chain restaurants tourists go to ($$ – $$$): Cheesecake Factory, Tony Roma’s, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse…

In this year’s healthy food Waikiki guide, you’ll find all my new favorite healthy restaurants and health food stores in and around Waikiki, Honolulu.

All of the healthy restaurants and supermarkets listed below serve organic or local vegetables and other good stuff, even for vegetarians or vegans.

This time, I’ve included new places in Kaka’ako, the developing area on the other side of Ala Moana Mall.

All of my favorite healthy restaurants are within walking distance or a short trip on a public bus, trolley, or 10-20 minutes on a bike from Waikiki.

Taking all these food picts cut into my beach time substantially. 😉 But I figured I’m in Hawaii by myself, and these are places I’d want to go check out anyway.

I hope this wiki wiki healthy food Waikiki guide helps you find healthy and inexpensive places to eat on your vacation in Hawaii or inspires you to visit the beautiful island of Oahu!

Before you hit the beach, why not have a Bulletproof coffee or Allegro iced tea at the new Whole Foods in Kaka’ako? I’m so jealous! My view at the moment is an elevated expressway in Tokyo. Very gray, overcast day- no double rainbows.

If you have any questions or need advice about eating healthy food or finding restaurants in Waikiki, let me know. Alo~o~o~ha!

Whole Foods salad, healthy food Waikiki

Whole Foods- Kaka’ako (salad bar + hot bar)

When I arrived at the brand new Whole Foods in Kaka’ako, I thought I was in heaven: outdoor patio seating with shade, free wifi, John Masters tester bottles to rub all over my naked beach body after a trip to the mega salad bar, AND good smelling hand soap and a Dyson hand-dryer in the upstairs bathroom. Hea-ven~ ♫.

Door-to-door from to my Airbnb in Waikiki, on my baby blue “biki” rental bike, I could be at the salad bar with tongs in hand in less than 15 minutes. While I was in Hawaii, I usually ate two meals a day at Whole Foods: breakfast for about $7-8 and lunch or dinner for $10-12.

Last trip, the new Foodland at Ala Moana Mall was my go-to. I missed their beet hummus, but man, in two extra minutes on my bike, I could be eating kale + vegetable gyoza on top of organic greens doused with glistening-in-the-sun olive oil for one dollar more per pound than Foodland’s conventional salad bar with no organic vegetables. 

Screw goin’ to the mall! (…except for the best iced tea at La Palme D’or) 

Until Amazon Prime delivers by drone custom-tonged salads to me at the beach in my thongs, and stops at La Palme D’or to pick up my iced tea on the wayI’m going to Whole Foods- Queen in Kaka’ako.

thongs= flip flops — Don’t want you to lose your appetite.

Whole Foods salad bar, healthy breakfast Waikiki

Whole Foods-  Kaka’ako (salad bar + breakfast hot bar)

Healthy Food Waikiki rating: 10 stars out of 10
-heaven on Earth


Down To Earth Organic & Natural Honolulu, healthy food Waikiki

Down to Earth Organic and Natural Supermarket – Kaka’ako (salad + hot bar)

If you are hardcore vegan or vegetarian, I imagine Down to Earth Organic and Natural Supermarket is paradise. We’re talking ’bout the folks who are real down to Earth. For everybody else, why on earth would you go here when there’s a gigantic, sparkling new Whole Foods a few blocks away? One, their salad bar has avocado and royally creamy, oh-so-purple sweet potato salad. My organic salad for lunch (pictured above and below) after Crossfit was $6.17. At a restaurant in Waikiki, that’s like a tip!

Down To Earth Organic & Natural Honolulu, healthy lunch Waikiki

Down to Earth Organic and Natural Supermarket- Kaka’ako (salad + hot bar)

Two, their almond buttery kale smoothies. Cream-tacular. I’d get one minus agave syrup. Sweeten it up with a sprinkle of stevia if you really need it, Steve.

Sweetie. Honey-pie.

Hey, my name’s not Steve. Who is he talking to anyway?

And three, the vegetarian beet burgers with like nine different gluten-free, vegan, you-name-it options for the bun are a dream come true for some burger-loving vegetarian.

Huh? That doesn’t even make sense.

I got it as a lettuce wrap (pictured below) – dream come true for me, a hungry low carb-etarian.

Down To Earth Organic & Natural, healthy lunch Waikiki

Down to Earth Organic and Natural Supermarket- Kaka’ako (beet burger lettuce wrap)

Healthy Food Waikiki rating: 9.5 stars out of 10
(10 if you are a vegetarian or vegan)


Cafe Kaila, healthy Waikiki restaurant

Cafe Kaila (roasted chicken and avocado salad)

The gentleman sitting at the table directly behind me with his wife at Cafe Kaila says to the waiter, ” You folks are so good to us.”

I imagine they were a retired couple who come for lunch at least once a month.

Waiter: “You come here often.”

“The food’s great. The service is magnificent.”

Kaila came out to greet the nice couple with a smile, even though, I could tell from her face that she was insanely busy back in the kitchen. I missed my chance to say hi, but overhearing their conversation it was pretty obvious to me that locals adore Kaila and her love-filled restaurant. With gentle pastel-colored walls, a soft sun-lit interior, just being here lifts your spirits. Makes you want to put a hibiscus behind your ear and do hula arms while chewing.

La-la LA-LAH~ la-la LA-LAH~ la la, la-LA-LAH-la-la-lah

On the bottom of the menu is says “All entrées are made to order from scratch using fresh, and organic ingredients when available.” All the vegetables tasted super fresh.

Kaila was preparing all the specials for the next day so I didn’t want to bother her. I talked to the waiter quite a bit and the manager- both were really nice guys.

Cafe Kaila has heart, in the food and the service. It’s a special place- go out of your way to eat here. Expect a line during peak hours. Winning ‘best breakfast in Honolulu’ for four years straight- this somewhat hidden hole in the wall is no secret.

Initially, I wanted describe Cafe Kaila as ‘pure aloha’ but I think it’s more than that. Maybe it has what Hawaiians and Tahitians refer to as mana. It’s a place that has spiritual energy and the power to heal.

If you had a rough flight, your brand new suitcase is now one wheel short, the “speedy” shuttle bus was late, what I’d do is go to the beach in front of the Outrigger Reef Hotel, meditate, and then go straight to Cafe Kaila for some spiritual healing:


Healthy Food Waikiki rating: 10 stars out of 10 
My # 1 restaurant recommendation- I love Cafe Kaila!

Peace Cafe bibimbap, healthy lunch Waikiki

Peace Cafe (vegan bibimbap)

Owned by a Japanese couple, obviously with a solid culinary background in Japan, my lunch here was very satisfying even though I’m not vegan.

I can still taste those yuzu carrots. All organic ingredients, vegan home cooking- if you consider yourself a healthy eater and like Japanese food, you’ll like it here. Judging by the miso on my bibimbap, I bet their mushroom miso soup is outstanding.

I had my bibimbap with TVP. Despite the fact that an acronym is about the least appetizing name you could give a food, I didn’t miss the meat at all.

Yummy TVP. See what I mean?

Peace Cafe, Waikiki, Honolulu

Peace Cafe (vegan bibimbap)

The interior is casual, cozy, with that Earthy granola-y smell like every co-op I’ve ever been in smells like. Don’t let the modest exterior and obscure front window with curtains that look like a skirt worn by a hemp bracelet-wearing backpacker in Bangkok deter you. To be honest, last year they did.

I want to go back to try the vegan katsudon, mostly out of curiousity, but I’m sure it’s really good. The katsu “meat” is made out of tempeh and I read on the wall that they make the sauce from scratch out of over 20 different ingredients. I also find it somewhat hilarious that they decided to replicate a Japanese dish that I would think most vegans would find repulsive: battered, deep-fried pork cutlet.

That would be a great pict for a vegan to lose all their followers on Instagram. “Mmm, I love this katsu at Peace Cafe!”

Healthy Food Waikiki rating: 8 stars out of 10
(9 if you are a vegetarian or vegan)


Moku Kitchen, Peter Merriman, Salt, Kaka'ako, healthy lunch

Moku Kitchen (jidori chicken salad)

This was my second visit to a Peter Merriman restaurant. The first time I had organic pizza in Poipu, Kauai. Peter Merriman is THE farm-to-table, local cuisine restauranteur in Hawaii.

Wait, I forgot. Third time. I had sunset cocktails at the Beach House (on Kauai) with my parents.

This visit, Moku Kitchen was at the top of my list. Though initially, I dragged my feet going here like a whiny four-year-old. It’s a little bit far from Waikiki by bike in the middle of the day in the sun.

Yes, I know I’m a baby.

But it turned out, it’s right by the Crossfit box I go to. Cleverly, I decided to go to Moku sweaty to save time for the beach. Cleaned up a bit at the bathroom at Down to Earth, put on a fresh black Hanes t-shirt, and sampled their tester bottle of lavender-scented Badger sunscreen… The waitress never noticed I had been completely drenched with sweat 30 minutes earlier.

Jeesh, I’m giving away all my secrets, aren’t I?

Moku is definitely worth checking out. They have a happy hour with 50% off all small plates (with the exception of oysters and all poke dishes) and live music after 4 PM, outdoor seating. If you want to do one nice night out, this is undoubtedly the best place for merrimaking in town.

Moku Kitchen healthy lunch Waikiki, Peter Merriman

Moku Kitchen (jidori chicken salad)

Moku is in the new Salt complex in Kaka’oka. While you’re there, you can check out all the new cafes, shops, and other restaurants. If I ate bread, I’d for sure go to Arvo, a popular Australian-inspired cafe, to try their open-faced Loaded Avocado Toast or Smoked Salmon Toast with spinach and capers, minus the onion, around the backside of Salt.

I’m not a coffee-drinker either and I’ve tried to cut out dairy, so I suppose that leaves out trying a ‘flat white’ at Arvo.

Sorry, mates! I’m stickin’ with Moku.

Moku Kitchen
660 Ala Moana Blvd #145

[google maps]

Healthy Food Waikiki rating: 9 stars out of 10
I highly recommend for a nice healthy meal out.


Island Vintage Cafe, healthy breakfast, Waikiki

Island Vintage Coffee (breakfast plate without the toast)

My first impression of this place was ‘It’s crowded, the menus have no prices listed, and they use one of those iPad credit card apps that prompts you to leave a tip before you’ve received any service. (???) Japanese tourists, who are used to excellent service back home with no tipping whatsoever, must be left dumbfounded, and likely duped into leaving unnecessary tips.

I know I was one of them. (You know you’re a tourist from Japan when you stand patiently in front of a taxi door or toilet seat, waiting for it to open automatically.)

The 18ish-looking girl who brought me my eggs didn’t smile enough to earn my $2 tip, but the food was very good- organic vegetables, cage-free eggs.

I know. Seriously, kick me in the local banana acai bowl if I whine one more time.

It’s a good cafe! Maybe she was having a bad day.

For a simple, quick healthy breakfast with quality ingredients right smack in the middle of Waikiki, grab your morning coffee, yeah, I’d go here.

Island Vintage Coffee
2301 Kalakaua Avenue #C215 (Located in: Royal Hawaiian Center)

[google maps]

 Healthy Food Waikiki rating: 8.5 stars out of 10

There are more healthy places in Waikiki like the one below you won’t want to miss! This is one of absolute favorite spots ! ! 🌴 (except for their iPad credit card app…)

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–> Click *here* to read my first guide to the best, healthiest restaurants in and around Waikiki. –>  (Just like a sunset, it’s free.)


healthy dessert, Banan, banana soft-served ice cream, Waikiki

MAHALO! Thank you so much for reading my blog post! ❤️ Please leave me a note if you know of any good places that I missed. And if you have any questions, I can find out. Just leave a comment below.

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I also want to say thank you these people who helped me: my friend Alain, the cool waiter and manager at Cafe Kaila, the waitress at Moku Kitchen who went around to ask all her co-workers for recommendations for me, the incredibly welcoming people at Crossfit Oahu (the kickass trainers Courtney, Samantha, Marc, and Bryan), and “macaraca1″, my local foodie insider who recommended that I try Moku and Cafe Kaila. Also, thank you to Seiko-san in the office for helping me with my flights.

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