I lost 20 lbs. on Tim Ferriss’s Slow Carb Diet. That was over two years ago. I’ll never gain the weight back and continue to eat and live based on what I learned from this book.
Dr. Mark is my favorite doctor on the internet and the one I trust the most. My mom also trusts him. Reading this books has also had a major impact on her health, winning her long battle against FLC Syndrome: feeling like crap.
This larger than life man has had more of an impact on my adult life than anyone on the planet. I’ve read all of his books cover to cover, one after the other, and then went back to reread my favorite chapters.
Do you dread Monday mornings? I read this book probably close to three times in a row. If you’re going through a real tough time in life, I’d start with reading this classic.


It’s concise, easy to read, and clearly taught me one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned in my life. Just writing this blurb makes me want to reread it.


This books taught me the second most important lesson in my life. I gained an ability to find meaning in difficult times and a far greater appreciation for my life.


I read Tribe of Mentors and Tools of Titans back to back. Tim asked a series of questions to some of the most brilliant people in the world and compiled their interviews into this book. I’m currently going back to write down all the quotes and passages I highlighted.


After age 35, it’s not easy to change old habits. This books goes into how we develop habits and how to change them. This book taught me the key to change even my deepest engrained habits: drinking alcohol to unwind, Diet Coke, carbohydrates, sweets.


As a teacher, this is the most important books I read and my #1 recommendation for parents. After watching Carol Dweck’s TED Talk and reading her book, I realized how fixed my mindset was.


My #2 recommendation for teachers and parents: Grit. This book taught me that the secret to success is not talent, but a blend of passion and persistence. I stopped my excuses for my lack of talent or high IQ and raised my expectations for what I can achieve.
This is the best investment book I’ve read- completely changed my financial future. After reading this book, I was able to help my parents too, who were losing thousands of dollars because of high fees on top of an already crappy performing portfolio.
This is the book that started it all. Tim Ferriss planted the seed in my inner consciousness, opening my eyes to ‘lifestyle design’. Work four hours a week and travel the world? Two people I’ve interviewed, August, Katheryn, both mentioned how this book changed their lives.
Is the voice in your head telling you your work isn’t good enough? For me, that voice was loud, saying that my writing wasn’t good enough to share or publish, that I should give up. This book showed me how every artist battles with an internal foe and how to conquer it.
I started read How to Win Friends and Influence People the day after I finished How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. At that time in my life, reading Dale Carnegie in the morning got me through the day. Finished the last page and read both books again.
I was a people-pleaser and overly sensitive. If someone said something hurtful, I could let it ruin my day, the next day, half the week! From Your Erroneous Zones, I learned how to take control of how I feel. He put it to me plain and simple: it’s your life. do with it what you want.
This book found me, when I was ready for it. I continue to read chapters of this book almost every day. Many say the Tao Te Ching is the wisest book ever written. Just 81 short chapters, it will help you get through what you’re going through right now and find your inner peace. Translation by Steven Mitchell, the husband of Byron Katie.

The first time I picked up “The Power of Now” I wasn’t ready for it. It was way over my head. About two years later, I found it on my friend’s bookshelf. This time, reading this book changed my life. But if you aren’t ready for it, it’s not your time. It wasn’t my time. Now it is. It blows my mind that Eckhart Tolle knows what he knows. Oprah calls him a prophet. The Power of Now is the book that Jim Carrey credits for his “awakening”. Meg Ryan is the one who recommended this book to Oprah.

Whenever I listened to Deepak Chopra on Youtube, I thought he was way too smart for me. It all went over my head. To my surprise, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” was extremely easy to read. It’s such a beautiful book. After finishing it, I immediately started reading it a second time.  

Atomic Habits is the best practical guide on changing habits. Whether you want to be more productive, or just need insight on how to change, I would highly recommend starting here.

Michael Singer, in his book “The Untethered Soul” taught me what to do with fear and anxiety. I was doing it all wrong until I read this book. I discovered Michael Singer from his interview with Oprah. If you’re looking for freedom from the negative chatterbox in your mind, you may be ready for this book. I read it once, and then started reading it again.