After you try this healthy matcha latte made with coconut milk, you won’t need to go back to dairy. I haven’t had a regular latte since I discovered this unlikely combination. For some reason, matcha and coconut milk just go together. You gotta try it!

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Matcha Latte with Coconut Milk? That’s weird. 

These last few weeks being in quarantine,  I’ve been experimenting with new ingredients that boost our immune system. 

Somehow, the ideas of “healthy matcha” and “recipes to boost your immune system” merged together in my subconscious mind. 

That’s how this new recipe for matcha coconut latte came into fruition.

When it came to matcha, I used to be a purist.

(In other words, I was snobbish and stubborn.)

Coconut latte was on the menu at The Matcha Tokyo, but I never considered ordering it. To be honest, I thought what a waste of high quality matcha!

And I was wrong.

Matcha and coconut– who would have guessed that this marriage of two flavors was meant to be? 

Matcha Latte Recipe – Vegan, Keto, and No Added Sugar 

Once I tried my first matcha coconut latte at home, I was hooked.

OMG. This drink was pure indulgence. 

With no sugar added whatsoever, it’s hard to believe that this “liquid dessert” is so incredibly good for you.

Imagine if you could drink a cheesecake. It’s like that.

You’d think, there’s no way on Earth this is healthy.

The natural sweetness of matcha paired with the sweetness and creamy, healthy fats in coconut milk make drinking this so satisfying.

Think guilt-free milkshake.

Whether you are vegan, on a keto diet, or none-of-the-above,

you’ve got to try it.

Trust me.

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Buying the Right Matcha Green Tea Online 

The only thing is, you have to get your hands on some decent matcha.

If you spend $30 on high-grade organic matcha, of course it will taste amazing.

To make this recipe, I recommend you use good quality matcha that isn’t bitter.

If you search for matcha on Amazon Japan, there are a lot of choices. My guess is that the majority of the matcha available online isn’t very good quality.

I’ve tried the organic matcha that’s currently “Amazon’s Choice”. I would recommend getting better quality, better tasting matcha. (This time I don’t think I’m being snobbish, just honest.)

It doesn’t have to be expensive, you just have to know which matcha to buy.

Nagata-san, the owner of The Matcha Tokyo, told me that it’s very difficult to make good tasting matcha that’s sweet. He’s found only two regions in Japan, Kagoshima and Kyoto, that produce good quality, organic matcha that isn’t bitter.

These are my two current recommendations for organic matcha:

The Matcha Tokyo Organic Matcha now available on (best quality 

You can also order organic matcha products from The Matcha Tokyo Online Store.


Suisouen Organic Matcha available from (Japanese only

*Because of new rules, they can accept orders of 5 packages. 

Suisouen matcha is now also available on Rakuten.(English and Japanese)

Rakuten prices are slightly more expensive than ordering directly.


When you’re drinking matcha, you’re consuming the whole leaf. This is the reason I always choose organic matcha. 

recipes with lotus root

The Best Coconut Milk for Your Health 

I was familiar with coconut milk because of all my favorite Thai curries and desserts and sweet and creamy India