Happy Birthday, Takako Nakamura! (and the Fountain of Youth)

This is me walking into Natural House in Aoyama last week: 550 yen ($5) for broccoli!? Are you fricken kidding me? Look at me today: recovering cheapskate drinking “premium” organic green tea, 1000 yen ($9) a bag. Sitting here sipping tea, I noticed a common theme in... read more

I just want to… get healthy. I would like to start taking better care of myself. I’d like to start eating healthier – I don’t want all that pasta. I would like to start eating like Japanese food.

Bob Harris

Bill Murray in the movie "Lost in Translation"

The Healthiest Breakfast in the World

Hey. Can you keep a secret?  Pinky promise? Ok, gimme’ your finger. Repeat after me: “yubi – kiri – gen – man. If I lie – I will drink – 1000 needles – and cut off my finger.” * Okaaay. Now bring your ear closer so... read more

Tony Robbins- the real deal?

photo: www.eyesandhour.com   If you knew me in high school, I was pretty shy. I was a “nice guy”, right? I never got bullied, never got in a fight, never got into trouble. Not even once. A classic grade-grubbing goody two shoes- I quietly played the game called... read more
The “Zero Carb” Tokyo Burger and other Easy Japanese-Inspired Low Carb “Breakfasts”

The “Zero Carb” Tokyo Burger and other Easy Japanese-Inspired Low Carb “Breakfasts”

When I say “zero carb” burger, I mean what I say. If you don’t believe me, I’d say go ahead. Touch those buns. Give’em a good squeeze. You just started reading this post a few seconds ago, but before you read any further I’d like to ask you to just take a moment and imagine your typical breakfast. Think about why that’s your breakfast. I’m gonna go out on limb here and guess the food you just pictured wasn’t a burger, am I right?

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CITRON Minami Aoyama

The friendly French but fluent in Japanese staff behind the counter greet customers “Bonjour irrashaimase” ♪ and politely take my order in English. While the quiche is my top recommendation, a Citron ‘salad barista’ can also swiftly prepare for you a tailor-made salad that will make you sing “oishiiii!” like a Japanese high school girl.

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Blogging about Snacks in between Meals

Emulate the snacking habits of the longest living people on the planet: get skinny, prevent cancer and heart disease, feel healthier, and fart less. In this article towards the end, you’ll learn one easy habit change that could easily save your life.

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Get Smoothies in Tokyo– on the corner of Bitter and Sweet

Eat your greens! Do you??? Or if you are like me, the me two months ago, you realize that you don’t– not even close. A quick Google search will tell you that 5 – 9 servings of fruit and vegetables a day is what experts recommend. After some reflection, asking yourself questions like ‘How long do I really want to live?’, you decide it’s time to finally change your diet.

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